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What started with a single class at age 16 grew into a dream for the future. In previous years Iris' dancing dream took the shape of training with both national and international master teachers.

Iris’ passion for Oriental dance was born and raised in Eindhoven, her bellydance home since the very beginning and the place she’s acquired much of her strong technique and knowledge of various Oriental dances. Iris was trained in a versatile and technically solid style with influences from Lebanese style, which gives a special twist to her Egyptian stylings. Intensive study and training with both nationally and internationally acclaimed teachers have enabled her to deepen her knowledge of Arabic music and discover her passion for choreography and musical interpretation.

Iris’ personal style can be described as Egyptian oriented with strong American-style technical influences. Baladi, saidi and shaabi are a significant part of her repertoire. Her great love for the Baladi is strongly visible in her dance, but modern Arabic ballads and the legendary classics have a place in her heart as well.

As a professional dancer, Iris has worked in and from Eindhoven for almost 2 decades, teaching regular weekly classes in various places and actively working as a choreographer and dancer for “El-Fatinat” dance troupe for well over 10 years. She was a popular guest at many Egyptian, Moroccan, Algerian, Tunesian and Iraqi weddings and family parties throughout the region. She was the house dancer at Shi Sha restaurant Den Bosch for many years.

Iris has won several national and international awards, both for her skills as a choreographer and dancer. She coaches dancers in discovering their musicality and is a part of a succesful duet with Tato of Rotterdam, performing their world class duets in prestigious venues such as Floriade Netherlands, Corendon Orientalicious Festival by Aisa Lafour and the international gala hosted by Leyla Jouvana and Roland of Germany.

Iris and Tato toured with internationally acclaimed DJ collective "Cairo Liberation Front", bringing raw and lively electro shaabi and Egyptian dance to music festivals all over Europe.

In the past years Iris was an international guest in Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, France and Brazil, where she taught workshops, intensives and private classes andperformed in gala, restaurant and studio shows shows. She has also been an official jury member for CIAD Brazil dance council, judging (interdisciplinary) dance competitions both on locations throughout the world as well as online.

Iris continues to study Oriental dance in depth. She is currently developing her skills as a choreographer and working on a concept that translates theoretical knowledge of Arabic music and musicality directly into improvisation and expression. Her current focus remains the art of the taqsim, along with baladi and (electro) shaabi.

Most recently, she has been cooperating succesfully with her dance home, CKE Eindhoven, where she has been a student for 


"Artist. A single comment on one of my performances,

watched almost 2 million times through YouTube.

Grateful. For that comment. For my beloved body, my instrument. For the Oriental dances, and for the love and feelings I get to experience and share through this art every single day, increasing my passion for this dance."
~ Iris

"Oriental dance is an art of subtle expression. There are delicate, shifting moods that coalesce to create feelings such as surprise, anger, shyness, fear, delight, disdain, pride and the sensuous. A good Oriental dancer must be able to depict darker shades within man's heart as well - life and death, happiness and sorrow, all with great dignity."

Nadia Gamal


Iris is teaching, performing and judging in a number of upcoming international events.
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