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Modern Oriental expression with a balady heart

Up and coming events

09.09.2020 BEGINNERS & ADVANCED WEEKLY COURSES @ 't Trefpunt, Eindhoven, Netherlands

26.9.2020 Workshop Electro Shaabi @ Leana's Art of Bellydance, Groningen, the Netherlands

7/14/21/28.10.2020 Bellydance @ Dance Around the World, CKE Eindhoven, the Netherlands

10.10.2020 Supreme Saturday Specials @ CKE Eindhoven, Netherlands - details SOON!

14.11.2020 Supreme Saturday Specials @ CKE Eindhoven, Netherlands - details SOON!

19.12.2020 Supreme Saturday Specials @ CKE Eindhoven, Netherlands - details SOON!

Current classes and workshops!!

ALL NEW  Beginners Course to start 9th of September!
Weekly courses for continuing/advanced dancers from 9th of September!
Supreme Saturday Specials for advanced dancers from October 10th!

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"Each decent Oriental dancer must express life, death, happiness, sorrow, love and anger, but above all she must have dignity." ~Tahia Karioka

Iris took her first steps in Oriental dance in Eindhoven, where she worked as a teacher, dancer and choreographer with El-Fatinat troupe for over a decade. Her Egyptian oriented style is versatile and technically solid, exploring modern concepts while remaining baladi at heart. She is sought after for her taqasim work, authentic baladi feel and extensive musicality.

Iris performs and teaches internationally, forms a duo with dancepartner Tato and has toured music festivals throughout Europe with Electro-Shaabi collective ‘Cairo Liberation Front’. She also works as a dance coach and choreographer for Oriental dancers of all levels. Her work has been featured in shows and competitions throughout the world.

Iris has received multiple international awards, among which various notations as BeNeLux champion, Bellydancer of the World and an Orientalicious cup.

"4 of my relatives booked her the day after our wedding" - Tunesian newlyweds

"Dances like an Egyptian." - Egyptian restaurant owner

"Brilliant, just brilliant" - Taqasim course participant

"Richtiges Powerpaket!" - Spectator at a live music show in Germany

"Nobody has given us this kind of tuition in Egyptian musicality before." - Taqasim course participant

"Her crazy energy drew us in from the street to watch. It's contagious" - Passers by at Tunesian restaurant

"Posture, technique, musicality... the full package. I feel like I've learned so much" - Beginner student

Iris Bellydance

Teacher, Performer, Choreographer, Coach

Professional Oriental dancer specialised in the Egyptian dances.

17 years of experience providing high-quality dance education in various dance forms of North-Africa and the Middle-East and authentic, lively entertainment suitable for all audiences.















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