Roberto Bogers

Up and coming events

2022-2023 Coming soon! Supreme Saturday Specials @ CKE Eindhoven, the Netherlands

29.10.2022 - Iris/Farha Company @ Gala show 'Postcards from Cairo to Los Angeles', Viersen, Germany

07.09.2022! New weekly courses @ 't Trefpunt, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

07/08-2022 Coming soon! 2nd Annual 'Sharqi Summerschool' @ 't Trefpunt, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

18.06.2022 Iris/Farha Company Show @ Sense of Bellydance Hafla, Torenlaan Theater Zeist, the Netherlands

12.06.2022 Middelandse Zeetuinen Uilenbroek, Middelburg, the Netherlands

10.06.2022 - Official CIAD Competition Jury @ Dancando Com Arte, Santo Andre, Brazil

29.05.2022 Iris/Farha Company Show @ het Wasven, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

13.04 - 13.07.2022 Intro classes @ Dance Around the World @ CKE Eindhoven, the Netherlands

09.04.2022 Performance @ Tonny's Tribute Show, Theater Santbergen, Hilversum, the Netherlands

03.04.2022 Workshops & Shows @ Dag van de Amateurkunst 2022 @ CKE Eindhoven, Netherlands

13.02.2022 Performance @ The A'isha Azar Project Late Winter Hafla, Spokane WA, (USA)

23.10.2021 LECTURE "Body positivity & body image representation in Egypt and the international Oriental dance scene" - CIAD International Dance Congress ONLINE, Brazil

Latest news

HAVE WE GOT NEWS FOR YOU!! Farha Egyptian Dance Company is a fact and we are already on a full schedule!
First international gigs have been booked and we are working hard to bring you the best of the best.
Click on through to discover our all new showgroup!

Classes for highly advanced students continue at 't Trefpunt Eindhoven!
CKE's Dance Around the World kicks off april 13th, 2022 - join us (see 'Up and Coming Events' for the link)

Beginners/continuing classes to start September 2022!

Supreme Saturday Specials Monthly Intensive programme for advanced dancers 2022-2023 coming soon @ CKE Eindhoven

CIAD Brazil online competition was a blast! Congratulations from the jury to all winners!
Iris researched and lectured on all things body positivity and body image within Egypt the Oriental Dance scene on 23rd of October.

The A'isha Azar Project Late Winter Hafla in Spokane, WA (USA) was an incredible success!

We are now gearing up for multiple appearances at Wasven, 't Trefpund and CKE Eindhoven, Hilversum, Zeist and beyond. 
CIAD activities are hitting off with the interdisciplinary Dancando Com Arte competition in Santo Andre,

for which Iris will be an official jury member both on- and offline throughout June.

October will bring multiple live appearances for CIAD Brazil and we will end the month with

'Postcards from Cairo to Los Angeles' in Germany organised by Anna Radici and Asra!

Keep an eye on our website or catch us on Instagram or Facebook!

Last but not least, rumor has it...
... that the 'Orient Express Show' collaboration with Hassene, Nabil and Karin might resume...
A revival of a beloved international collaboration might be up and coming...

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Welcome to Iris Bellydance.

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"Each decent Oriental dancer must express life, death, happiness, sorrow, love and anger, but above all she must have dignity." ~Tahia Karioka

"Egyptian dance is a very naked kind of art, in the sense that

on stage, we expose our deepest emotions through movement.
The height of a good Oriental dance performance is in the depths you can move your audience to on a visceral level. 
It's living poetry:

this moment is all there is and it's bound to make you feel something."
~ Iris

Iris' Egyptian oriented style is technically solid, soulful and versatile, exploring modern concepts while remaining 'baladi' at heart. She is internationally sought after for her groundbreaking taqasim work, authentic artistry within classical, folkloric and contemporary Egyptian dances and extensive musicality.

Iris performs and teaches internationally, forms a duo with dance partner Tato and has toured music festivals throughout Europe with Electro-Shaabi collective ‘Cairo Liberation Front’. She is an active coach and choreographer for Oriental dancers of all levels, featuring her work in shows and competitions throughout the world. She recently entered the dance world as lecturer as well, researching and speaking on all topics body image and body positivity from both historical and modern viewpoints within Egypt and the international Oriental dance scene beyond.

Iris teaches weekly Egyptian Bellydance classes at Trefpunt Eindhoven, is part of CKE Eindhoven's 'Dance Around the World' teacher team and provides intensive in-depth Egyptian dance training through her CKE-based 'Supreme Saturday Specials'.

Iris has received multiple international awards, among which various notations as BeNeLux champion, Bellydancer of the World, an Orientalicious cup and an honorary 'Miss Bellydance CIAD' award for her work as a performer, choreographer, guest teacher/lecturer and competition judge.

"4 of my relatives booked her the day after our wedding" - Tunesian newlyweds

"Dances like an Egyptian." - Egyptian restaurant owner

"Brilliant, just brilliant" - Taqasim course participant, Denmark

"Richtiges Powerpaket!" - Spectator at a live music show in Germany

"Nobody has given us this kind of tuition in Egyptian musicality before." - Taqasim course participant, Denmark

"Her crazy energy drew us in from the street to watch. It's contagious" - Passers by at Shi Sha restaurant, Den Bosch, NL

"Posture, technique, musicality... the full package. I feel like I've learned so much" - Beginner student

"Iris really gets it." - Dancer at 'Baharat!' dance company, Spokane (WA), USA