Iris has earned her stripes within the Oriental dances. Below is a general overview

of her extensive training and international awards for her work.


Iris has studied intensively with:
- A'isha Azar (USA)

- Farouq (NL)

- Dr. Mo Geddawi (Egypt)
- Raqia Hassan (Egypt)

- Muriël Kraan (NL - Classical Ballet)
- Pei Feng (China/NL - Hiphop)
- Farida Fahmy (Egypt - Folkloric)
- Julia Zafira (NL)

- Laetana (NL)

- Diana Tarkhan (Egypt)
- Ava Fleming (USA)
- Mahdy Emara (Egypt)

- Ana (NL)

- Orit Maftsir (I)

As well as numerous workshops with:

- Tufic Nabak (Brazil)
- Randa Kamel (Egypt)
- Jasmin Yildiz (Turkey)

- Carlla Sillveira (Brazil)
- Rita Sherif (Germany)

- Sahra Saeeda (USA)

- Roos Belinfante (NL)
- Maya Szekely (Hungary)
- Kaouther Ben Amor (Tunisia)

- Sadie Marquardt (USA)
- Aziza (Canada)

International Awards

Iris was awarded the following national and international awards:

- Benelux Champion 2012; Raqs Sharqi
- Benelux Vice-Champion 2013; Raqs Sharqi
- Bellydancer of the World 2013 - 6th place; Classical/Lyrical
- Bellydancer of the World 2014 - 3rd place/Bronze cup Classical/Baladi
- Orientalicious Award 2015 - Silver cup; Baladi
(taking her career overseas to teach and perform in Brazil)

- Benelux Champions 2013 - "Best Duet" & highest score; Baladi
a joint project with Tato.
- Bellydancer of the World 2013! Classical Duet with Tato; Powerhouse drumsolo

- Dutch Championships 2013 - Choreography & coaching of "Best Duet"
- Orientalicious Awards 2018 - Choreographer for Donia Serena - Silver cup

"I am NOT a belly dancer. I have never been one, and never will be.

What I do is not what Hollywood  calls "belly dance", but it's art.

I have traveled the world to prove that my dance is not a dance of the belly but a refined, artistic dance full of tradition, of dreaming and beauty.

Oriental dance is primarily an expressive dance; in that resides the beauty."

~Nadia Gamal