Supreme Saturday Specials!


Monthly workshops for continuing and advanced dancers throughout the year!

Join Iris in a programme suited perfectly to YOUR individual needs. Select your favourites or book the total programme and get a BIG reduction! How will you be spending your Saturdays this dance season? Add the workshops to your cart below. Payment possible through iDEAL in the inscription portal or through PayPal/bank transfer if signing up by e-mail. For questions or additional information, contact Iris.

This year we will once again have a plethora of in-depth Egyptian dance workshops at the CKE studios!! I'm so happy to be able to welcome you back to this course, after the challenges of the pandemic that rocked the last 2 years. We are back full force!

Have you picked your favourites? Sign up by sending an e-mail with your topics of choice.

I will send you a payment request for the class fees, or bank details in case you want to do a manual transfer.

Dates and themes, in short (detailed topics on flyer):

26 november: Lyrical Oriental

21 januari: baladi/shaabi crossover

18 februari: The Art of Taqasim Improvisation

18 maart: Mahragan Masters

15 april: Signature Technique

27 mei: Oriental Party Starter

24 juni: Egyptian Essentials - Classical meets Modern

Time and place:

Saturdays from 11.00 to 13.30 | Studio B, CKE Eindhoven | Pastoor Petersstraat 180, Eindhoven


1 single workshop: € 37,50

2 to 4 workshops: € 33,75 per workshop (10% off)

5 to 7 workshops: € 30,00 per workshop (20% off)


Most workshops are geared towards experienced continuing students, through to professional level (with the exception of Taqasim,

in which we work with concepts that are applicable to any existing movement vocabulary).

When in doubt: ask Iris!

Are you in or are you in?? :) This dance season looks like it's going to be fabulous, and I sure can't wait!