An Oriental dance performance will add colour and good vibes to your (dance)event.

Performances usually range between anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minute sets, often containing an entrance piece, drumsolo and either a specialty piece (folklore or balady) and/or a moment for interaction with your audience.

Below are some pointers towards putting together a performance.

Prices start at € 150,- for a Bellygram or at € 175,- for an Oriental/folkloric/baladi set,
+ travelling expenses and VAT (6%).
Holiday rates from € 200,-

In case of multiple sets, € 50,-/75,- is added per additional set, depening on requested costuming/props.

Prices for dance festivals differ! Contact Iris about combined workshop/performance quotes.


Iris offers Oriental dance performances suited to your event.
Performances are suitable for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Performance may include:

  • Bellygram (1 song 'surprise' performance)
  • Oriental show (entrance, drumsolo, audience interaction)
  • Egyptian folklore set
  • Wedding entrance (zaffa)
  • 'Baladi' tableau (accordion progression/popular song)
  • Specific style of Oriental dance for dance event/gala show

Performance will include:

  • Guaranteed smiles on the faces of your guests
  • Professional approach to the Oriental dances
  • Undeniably Egyptian ambiance
  • Full grasp of Egyptian musicality
  • Authentic performance your guests will remember
  • High quality entertainment